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>> About Leadership Grants

This website provides information on grants from The Leadership Grants Organization of Canada.

The Leadership Grants Organization is a newly registered non-profit funding organization (Registration No.: 4537467) that provides cash awards and in-kind resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs to start or grow a small business in Canada.

Proceeds are allocated on a discretionary basis contingent upon the applicant demonstrating confidence, initiative, preparedness and a reasonable likelihood of future success. Grant funds allow small business operators to procure needed resources such as goods, services, equipment, inventory, advice, training and professional assistance.

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What is a Leadership Grant?

A Leadership Grant is an award of financial assistance to a recipient in support of starting or growing a small business. Leadership Grants are not loans and do not need to be repaid. Leadership Grants are not Government grants, benefits or entitlements.

Who can Benefit from a Leadership Grant?

Any individual that wishes to start or grow a small business in Canada may benefit from a Leadership Grant.

The following Applicants may apply:

  • Small Business owners that wish to grow their existing enterprise.
  • Employed persons that wish to increase their income by owning a small business.
  • Employed persons that wish to own a small business to gain independence from an employer.
  • Unemployed persons that wish to gain income by owning a small business.

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Qualify for a Leadership Grant.
Inquire Online or Call:
Eastern: +1.416.572.7694
Western: +1.403.444.5980
First Name:
Last Name:

When would you like to launch your business?
Desired Proceeds:
Current Planning Stage:
>> Funding Guidelines
To Qualify for consideration, Applicants must:
  • Be ready to start or launch their new business within 6 months.
  • Use awarded proceeds within 6 months of receipt.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or legal immigrant.

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