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Leadership Grants Organization of Canada
Grant Applicant/Recipient Agreement

Date of Board Approval:  October 1st, 2009

As an applicant, or potential recipient of a grant from the Leadership Grants Organization of Canada, I agree to the following terms:

  1. I am aware that Leadership Grants Organization is a non-profit organization (Registration Number 4537467) and I am aware that this requires that funds must be disbursed by Leadership Grants Organization and used in accordance with Canadian law and within the bounds of the objectives of the Leadership Grants Organization, which is to provide cash awards and in-kind resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs to start or grow a small business in Canada.

  2. I certify that any funds which may be disbursed to me by Leadership Grants Organization will be used only for the project and purpose described in my grant proposal.
  3. Should I not undertake the project described in the proposal within 6 months of receipt of the Grant proceeds, I will return the money to the Organization within 30 days.
  4. If requested by Leadership Grants Organization, I agree to submit a follow-up report which shall describe in detail how the funds were spent, and will provide supporting documentation therewith.
  5. I am responsible for informing Leadership Grants Organization of any change or changes in my name or address during the period of time comprised of applying for a Leadership Grant, and receipt of any Grant proceeds that may be awarded.  
  6. I agree that Leadership Grants Organization may provide my information to authorized third-party agents, volunteers, subsidiaries, sponsors, affiliates and partners for the purpose of sending qualified business information and special offers; and/or to perform functions such as consulting or customer service, etc.
  7. I agree to allow the Leadership Grants Organization to publicize the disbursement of funds to me and information about the funded project, without prior notification to me. (We will not identify the amount of funds received by you.)
  8.  I agree that Leadership Grants Organization may use the grant proposal and any other documentation submitted to the Organization, my name, and my picture as well as other independently gathered information about me or my company that is already in the public domain.
  9. I am aware that this includes, but is not restricted to, publication in the Leadership Grants Organization Donor Newsletter, Annual Fund and Corporate Sponsorship campaign advertisements, letters and brochure.
  10. If I am awarded a Grant, I will write a thank-you letter to the Organization that acknowledges the award. The Grant proceeds will not be awarded unless/until a thank-you letter is received.

    Submitting an application for a Leadership Grant confirms you have read, understand and agree to the terms of these guidelines and agree to comply with them.
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